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Velorex Sidecar

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Here is some information from the The JAWA Specialists in Germany:

In 1938 the czech brothers František and Mojmir Stransky started a bicycle repair shop in a small town in the north-west of Czechia called Parnik. They named the business MOTO-VELO-sport. Velo is the slavonic word for bicycle.

The brothers had knowledge of the MORGAN 3-wheeler that was produced at the time in England. They wanted to do something similar, but much lighter. Something like a hybrid between a car and a motorcycle for folks who have only little money to spent for transport. 

In 1943 the first such vehicle did appear. A tubular frame construction covered with textile tissue and sporting quite a few bicycle parts. They called it 
“OSKAR”. The name derived from the czech “Kara na ose” which means cart on an axle.

When the war ended in 1945 means of motorised transport were more than scarse, so the Stransky brothers did see a high demand for the vehicles and stepped up production. As stability and power of the vehicles was too week, the chassis was strengthened and that in turn asked for stronger engines. The brothers experimented with different engines, amongst them engines from the just restated JAWA production.

Start of the 50s, the Czech economy was restructed along communist lines. Factories became nationalised or grouped into cooperatives. In 1950, the Stransky brothers, too, had been forced into such a co-op. This co-op comprised 6 different factories situated around Hradec Kralove a town in the czech giants mountain region. All of them producing automotive and bicycle parts The co-op´s administration was set up at Hradec whereas the 6 companies remained where they had been.

The Co-op was called “Velo”, to be renamed 2 years later VELOREX, clearly adding the word export. And indeed, export begun to be an important factor those days. Export however to only one predominant market - the Soviet Union. This market demanded motorcycle combinations from its Czechoslovak ally.

 This is a subset of the information, read on here

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