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Squire Sidecar

Friday, June 6th, 2008 Posted in Squire | 2 Comments »

Sidecar for Vespa Scooters.

The Squire sidecar is still produced by Watsonian - Squire of Gloucestershire England. Watsonian and Squire sidecars merged in 1988 to form a company that has a history going back to 1912. The following is the pamphlet for the PV1 and CV1 sidecars they produce, both a passenger and cargo sidecar.

(Material below provided by Doug Bingham)

Europe’s leading sidecar maker has developed two new sidecars specifically for the Vespa range of motor scooters

  • The PV1 single seater provides attractive and comfortable passenger transport with the benefits of increased stability in bad weather, additional luggage space and the availability of full weather protection
  • The CV1 commercial box variant has massive load carrying capability ideal for local deliveries where economical and maneuverable transport is a prime requirement.
  • Easily fitted to most Vespa models with no modifications to scooter, the sidecar may also be quickly detached if required.



Platform type tubular steel fabrication with 2 1/2 inch diameter 10 SWG (standard wire gauge) main member.
Fabricated steel adaptor, bolts to underside of Vespa chassis. Four bolt flange fitting to sidecar main frame.
Special “Squire” maintenance free leading link unit, with double ball bearing sealed hub. Adjustable for ride height and wheel toe-in.
Pressed steel 8 inch diameter with 4.00 x 8 tubeless crossply tyre. Steel adaptor plates are available to enable both 8 inch and 10 inch Vespa wheels to be fitted to sidecar hub.
Colour impregnated one piece GRP moulding (GRP is marine grade fiberglass) with carpeted cockpit area. Four point mounting to chassis frame.
Fully upholstered fluted seat back and base. Quickly removable for cleaning access to rear luggage compartment in body.
Tinted moulded acrylic screen with chrome finish safety edge. Five screw fixing with extruded weather sealing section.
Moulded GRP mudgaurd colour matched to body with combined front and rear lamps.
A full hood in black reinforced PVC material with welded side window panels is available. The hood bow springs into bushes located on the body sides. Elasticated loop fittings on the hood are tensioned over machined aluminum studs on the body and press fasteners secure the hood to the sides of the windscreen. The hood and bow may be stowed inside the sidecar when not in use.


The chassis frame and all running gear is identical to the PV1 version.
The body is a colour impregnated GRP moulding with hinged lid with automatic stay and locking handle. The capacity on the box is 16 cubic feet, maximum load is 200 lbs.


PV1 Passenger body All white
Red main body with black lower half
Blue main body with black lower half
All mudgaurds in main body colour


CV1 commercial box White body with white, red or blue lid


PV1 Length 6ft. 4in. 1.93 m.
Width (inc. mudgaurd) 2ft. 3in. 0.68 m.
Height to top of screen 3ft. 10in. 1.17 m.
Weight 85 lbs. 38.55 Kg.
CV1 Length 5ft. 6in. 1.68 m.
Width 2ft. 3in. 0.68 m.
Height 2ft. 8in. 0.81 m.
Weight 85 lbs. 38,55 Kg.
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