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Royal Seitenwagen - Munich Germany

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The name Royal is usually associated with BMW. During their reign (1920’s to the end of the 50’s) of sidecar making, they produced a hack (RSG) for scooters. Most, like the Steib, were fitted to German scooters.

Here is a beautiful Zündapp-Bella mated with Royal RSG

The following is a booklet of the Royal RSG model. It is dated: 1 January, 1955 (translation provided by myself courtesy of Google’s translation tool)


With this model also to sidecare one shot for more Scooter, which stands for all remaining ROYAL products in quality, Proezision ?? and comfort and ranks also among the top class.By the unsurpassed pretty form and by the luxurious execution he does not only receive largest attention among the scooter friends, but everywhere where he is seen, he directs the attention on itself.It sidecares the most amazing at this so delicate working is that he offers not only pleasantly place to a child, but also an adult person.

  • Captivatingly pretty alignment
  • Very small dead weight
  • Largest driving safety
  • Tasteful and elegant equipment
  • material such as processing best quality

The special characteristics of this type and there are might except doubt hardly be that also for them with the choice of a rare car for its scooter only the pretty and elegant ROYAL-SCOOTER-SIDESCARS in ask comes.


for over 30 years understood for quality!

Chassis: Closed pipes frame from approach-read precision steel tubes
Connection: 3-point connections, consisting of 2 “Schnellanschlüessen” down and 1 connection above
Wheel: Wheel and tyre if possible like scooters
Fender: Streamlined
Lighting: Electrical position lamp and reflector
Suspension: Rubber cushioning from high-quality rubber band rings, which depending upon load coils can be through more or less adjusted
Body: All-steel body, with polished light alloy trim provided, baggage compartment by moving the back cushion forward accessible and by means of put-closed lock offable
Upholstery: One-piece, softly cushioned pad-matte from first-class imitation leather, with padded armrests
Lacquer finish: Lacquer finish according to desire. If no special indicated, the lacquer finish is co-ordinated with the color of the scooter
Weight: approx.. 41 kg
Seat Width: approx.. 40 cm
Over All length of boat. approx.. 166 cm
Ground height approx.. 17 cm


Available Equipment:

Straub protection covers
Turn-up wind protection
Polished light alloy bumper
Of chromed steel tube porters
All-weather cover


Indicate make and exact type designation
when ordering please motorollers
Kind of fulfilment for Leiferung and payment as well as area of jurisdiction are Munich. All offers are not-binding. In all other respects apply our sales - and Liaferungsbedgungen modifications reserve.


PRICE LIST valid starting from 1 January 1955

ROYAL - Scooter Sides wagon Model RSG

with complete connections,
with complete scooter mounting points,
with wheel with tyre (3,50-8″,4,008″,3,50-10″ or 4,00-10″)

Accessories: Straub protection covers
turn-up wind protection
polished light alloy impact strand
Chromed steel tube porter
All weather cover (without wind protection)

Surcharge for larger wheel and tire dimensions as aforementioned above, on request
The indicated prices understand themselves starting from our work, excluding freight and packing
When ordering please make and exact type designation of the scooter indicate
Everything praises is not-binding. Place of delivery for supply payment Munich.
In all other respects our sales and delivery conditions apply

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