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Fusion Plus Kappa Side-Car

Thursday, June 5th, 2008 Posted in Kappa | No Comments »

Here is a very strange “fused” sidecar still being made by Sakuma Engineering in Japan. The main scooter is a Honda Helix that has the body of a sidecar fixed directly to the outer shell of the Helix. It is an odd looking thing, If I do say so… Here is a translation (loose) of the product on the Sakuma website:

The motorcycle, the side car you attach the raincoat sidecar fusion plus the raincoat sidecar, lightly and lightly it is something which was remodeled to the motorcycle and it does. Doing remodelling application in transport bureau, it is the new vehicle where you were born the side car of three passengers you attached lawfully and as a motorcycle lightly and changed. The scooter style of the future feeling which is unified could guarantee the wide riding in a car space. The frame where this body rides consists of the rectangular metal tubing, we guarantee sufficient strength. Suspension adopts Neidhart type, suspension system using trailing type, has contributed to the maneuverability of comfortable riding comfort and the optimum sidecar. It is light, it makes continuous vehicle inspection, unnecessary with holding down to the inside of the frame of the motorcycle, can guarantee high economical efficiency, furthermore, the highway, can travel with two people, or three passengers.

All I really have are these two ad’s from Doug Bingham. Most of the stuff I have found is in Japanese. There is a club website if you want to check it out:


(Ad’s courtesy of Doug Bingham)

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