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Scooter Sidecar Manufacturers

Monday, November 26th, 2007 Posted in All, Manufacturers | 25 Comments »

Scooter Sidecar Manufacturers There have been many handmade and one off companies that may have built sidecar prototypes for scooters. (I am sure the numbers for these are in the hundreds) This list here contains companies who made a sidecar (or sidecars) for scooters. If you have any information regarding these or any others not listed here, by all means feel free to contact me and set the records straight!I do have information of some sort for all of the following makes. (Those without links will be posted at a future date, as I get the information together)

Manufacturer Country of Origin
Austro-Omega Austria
Bender Denmark
Blacknell United Kingdom
Briggs United Kingdom
Bufflier France
California United States
Canterbury United Kingdom
Combination Garage Japan
Continental India
Corgi United Kingdom
Cozy India
Cushman United States
Cykleborsen Denmark
Felber Austria
Fritz Heigl Germany
Gerrard United Kingdom
Geko Swiss
Georgi Germany
Globe India
Harley Davidson United States
Kali Germany
Kappa Japan
Kruger Germany
Lohner Austria
Longhi Italy
Master Netherlands
Minato Japan
OWB Germany
Piaggio/Vespa Italy
Precision Belgium
Quepo Cooperation Italy
Rabbit Japan
Rankin United Kingdom
Rekfod Austria
Royal Germany
Sakuma Japan
Seidel Austria
SideRider United Kingdom
Silver Pigion Japan
Simmer Germany
Squire United Kingdom
SOL Spain
Star Denmark
Steib Germany
Stolz Germany
Surrey United Kingdom
Swallow United Kingdom
Texas Sidecars United States
Titarelli Italy
Trojan United Kingdom
Velorex Czech
Watsonian United Kingdom
Zundapp Germany
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