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So, where can you buy one?!

Monday, November 26th, 2007 Posted in Distributors | 22 Comments »
We do not sell sidecars, however, here are some Links to scooter sidecar distributors where you can buy one:
Who Where What
Cycle Sidecar US Cozy Sidecars, Accessories
Cozy Sidecar Canada CA Cozy Sidecars, Accessories
Scooter Works of Chicago US Cozy Sidecars, Accessories
American Scooter Center US Cozy Sidecars, Accessories
Side Strider US Watsonain- Squire sidecars and Velorex sidecars
Velorex USA US Velorex sidecars
Cleveland Scooters US Cozy Sidecars
as always, there’s eBay and Craigslist Global Potential goldmine for sidecars; new and used. (buyer beware)
Links to scooter sidecar manufacturers: see the manufacturers section
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